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Exciting Times As Living Archive Onboards New Organisations

It’s been an exciting few weeks at Living Archive as a host of organisations from different industries and sectors have expressed an interest and made a commitment to onboarding the Living Archive platform.

Even more excitingly each of the new platform users intend to use it for a different value for their team and participants.

From arts and culture, education, music hubs, charities and community centres, the organisations will be using our cloud-based platform for archival purposes through to exhibition of multimedia contributions.

Created to support in inspiration, collaboration and showcase, Living Archive helps you shout about the creativity of your stakeholders, the full extent of your activities and the impact you have. The built-in curation and exhibition systems enables the quick and easy creation of multimedia exhibitions giving every project, team and individual an outlet.

Founder, Nick Williams, said:

“Many organisations including theatres, community centres, universities, music groups and charities are visualising what they can achieve by signing up to membership of Living Archive. It is so exciting to it used for its purpose and beyond. Watch this space as we will be unveiling each organisation to join us, and their Living Archive, as they go live!”

To explore how Living Archive can help your organisation email

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