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A New Way for Charities to Ensure Strategic Engagement

Charities have so many stakeholders that communication and engagement is often a daunting challenge where only the surface is ever scratched. To do it properly can cost huge budgets that charities just don’t have. It’s not as simple as deciding their audience as they need to hit beneficiaries, funders, potential donors, corporates, LA’s, their charitable bodies (such as CCG , commissioning bodies and the like), staff, volunteers, the local community and participants. Applying the three A;s can help – focussing key messaging on appreciation, advocacy and appeals… but what are the best vehicles? Websites are clunky and not ideal for holding lots of content as it tends to get buried. Social media won’t reach all your stakeholders and isn’t great for storing content. You could use a CMS system and spend lots of time disseminating your information. Or you could invest a small monthly amount into Living Archive and have the perfect platform. It’s the leading platform to humanise your charity, to store all your media in one place and to curate and exhibit participation projects, demonstrating your impact. You can decide what is public, private and what is channelled to chosen audiences. You can share the full extent of your work to who you need to see it, you can collaborate with partners, participants or the community. You can be innovate and co-create, strategically engaging where it will do your charity the most good. And you can easily store, organise, and retrieve all forms of digital media. Excited? You should be …. Get in touch to talk through our charitable packages and tailoring our service to your needs! You’ll never look back.

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