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About Us

Founded upon a passion for the impact that social-cultural organisations create and a conviction that they are critically misunderstood and undervalued.

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At Living Archive, our mission is to provide a cutting-edge cloud-based platform that empowers cultural, heritage, and charity organisations to harness the full potential of their audio-visual documentation. We are dedicated to enabling them to seamlessly amplify their stories, successes, and impact, fostering effective communication and the creation of engaging digital legacies. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, we aim to equip these sectors with a vital tool, fostering growth, sustainability, and significance. Through our platform, we aspire to strengthen the cultural, creative, charity, and heritage landscape, making it a vibrant and enduring force for positive change.


To empower social-cultural organisations and enterprises by revolutionising their use of audio-visual media so that they can magnify their impact, communicate with clarity, and forge an engaging digital legacy.

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Get to Know Us

We are a North Tyneside-based tech-for-good company on a mission to create accessible technologies for the social-cultural organisations that have such a positive impact on our lives. We are on a mission to help all organisations throughout the cultural, heritage, and third sectors to capture and communicate more of the impactful work that they do. Our platform is sector-sensitive, designed to be affordable, easy to use and quick to implement without the need for additional IT expertise so even the lowest-resourced organisation can benefit from our services.

We are here to help all community-oriented organisations, and we've got plenty more tricks up our sleeve.  We hope that you'll join us on this incredible journey.

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