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Capture and Share Your Organisation's Hidden Stories

Helping cultural, charity, and heritage organisations to more easily use digital media to communicate and evaluate the work they do and the impact they create


Leverage Media

Easily organise, manage and retrieve digital media and remove the frustration of those long searches across multiple online accounts and staff computers. Living Archive makes it simple to store, locate and use your content when you need it. Let Living Archive be the beginning of your archival practice, manage your media, and watch your collection grow. Leverage the full-extent of your multimedia content when you need it and show the world the full extent of the incredible work that you do.

Anna Byrne

Director, The Auxiliary Project Space

“Living Archive breaks down the barriers people often feel, coming into a gallery"

Creative Director, Borneo Bengkel

Catriona Maddox

“The versatility of the platform means that we can combine, collate, and present work in ways we hadn't thought of before"

Ruth Mary Johnson

Freelance Creative Facilitator

Living Archive makes it so easy to exhibit, celebrate and honour all of the creativity of the children and young people I work with across multiple projects"

Garry Lydon

Creative Associate, Unfolding Theatre

“Living Archive enabled us to take a huge abundance of material and create an open, interactive and explorable online resource. A really nice way to demonstrate a body of work, intuitively."

All Media in One Place

All of your digital media in one place – simple and affordable. Replace your multi-storage platforms and current disorganised system with one easy to use platform. Easily gather and organise your media, add to it with each project and develop your organisations’ living archive. Our in-built tools let you find, manage, and use all of your media easily, when you need it.

Share Your Stories

Discover the digital freedom to select, organise and present online content the way you want it. Living Archive gives you a dynamic, easy-to-use platform for showcasing and exhibiting projects, augmenting your existing digital offer with a dynamic, impactful exhibition platform. Our simple user interface empowers any team member to contribute, not only those with technical knowledge. We believe in the power of inclusive collaboration!


Invite anyone to collaborate on your projects. Whether in-house team members, or reaching out to work with project participants or external organisations, Living Archive gives you the control to attribute roles and privileges to collaborators to create new ways of working, and make entirely new types of projects possible.

Grow Your Legacy

Ideal for organisations that conduct many disparate activities, each generating masses of digital documentation and media. Watch Living Archive grow as your multimedia collections grow. Infinite storage space, with scaleable packages for teams and users – work the way you want, when you want: Living Archive is a solution for all organisations, no matter the size.

Parallel Lines

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Legacy Creation & Impact
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